Good morning everyone !

So, to start with I would like to introduce myself. Im Karina,17 years old and I live in Europe. Where exactly do I live I will not share because it doesnt matter ,I think 😀 And..who are you? In any case, I’m glad to meet you :))

So,the main question is..why have I created this blog? Well, as u guess its the last year when I stay being a teenager. For some people its really cool to become an adult while for others its sadly. As for me,actually  I dont know which type of people I belong to. Because in the childhood I was dreaming about it because I wanted to go to the night clubs.Yeah..that was the main reason ;D Then..I was a little bit confused. Suddenly I realised that being a child is the best time during our life and I dont want to become a busy, agonized adult. So everything has changed in my mind from that moment: I didnt want to have kids anymore,I thought How people can spend so many time and money on them. I became like an egoist. So, as you’ve noticed I had got from the main question. I would like to observe the change in my life and how everything is gonna change when I become an aduuult 🙂 If you want to watch for this,welcome 🙂 I promise , I will not dissapoint you.

P.S  English is not my native language,but I hope you understood everything and you will not blame for my mistakes.

See ya ^.^